Would Leicester winning the title be the least likely thing you’ve seen in football?

Last March Leicester looked destined to be relegated to the Championship, but now Alex Ferguson expects them to win this season’s Premier League with three games to spare. Have you ever witnessed a more unexpected turnaround?

Every time the second instalment in the Back to the Future trilogy (the best trilogy of all time, incidentally) is repeated on ITV2, the sports nerd in me asks a simple question: if old Biff came back from the future with a Sports Almanac that detailed the results of every major sporting event for 50 years, which bet would I place to make my fortune?

Once I had marvelled at how a book containing so much information could be so thin, I would probably make a trip to the bookies and place the mother of all accumulators. But, imagine you knew the results of every sporting event for the last half-century and had to place one bet. I’d be tempted to go back to last spring and lump a fortune on Leicester City to win the Premier League this season.

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