Why TalkSport2 is a throwback to the stress-free days of Grandstand | Emma John

The radio broadcaster’s second channel represents a pretty noble attempt to give back some airtime to sports other than football

The radio broadcaster TalkSport launched a sister channel this month called TalkSport2. Its strapline is “Because Sport Never Stops”. This instantly brought to mind the Mitchell and Webb sketch where David Mitchell, in the guise of a Sky Sports presenter, quivers with emotion as he trails the weekend’s sporting offerings. “Catch all of the constantly happening football here,” he urges, building himself into a furious frenzy. “Thousands and thousands of hours of football, each more climactic than the last! Watch it all, all here, all forever, it will never stop! Watch the football! WATCH IT!!”

It’s a skit that perfectly punctures the hype around our national obsession. To be fair to TalkSport, its second channel represents a pretty noble attempt to add something new to the spectrum. No one can debate that football gets more than its fair share of coverage, and TalkSport2 is a venture that hopes to give other sports back some airtime without alienating its core Premier League-loving audience.

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