These 10 countries are ramping up clean energy more than any others

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The developing world is now outspending industrialized nations on renewable energy.

China is driving this switch, since more than a third of global renewables investments occurred there in 2015. Countries like Japan and Germany are ramping up their clean energy usage, too, but not at quite the same breakneck speed.

Developing countries spent $156 billion on renewable projects using sources like wind and solar, while developed nations spent $130 billion, according to a United Nations-backed report released March 24.

So where did most of this spending take place?

These are the 10 top countries that invested in renewables in 2015, according to the report. They are the ones now leading the way.

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10. Chile: $3.4 billion
Fabian Andres Cambero/REUTERS
9. Mexico: $4 billion
Jorge Luis Plata/REUTERS
8. South Africa: $4.5 billion
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