ASK THE EXPERT: Find out how to kick on with cardio and master calories

09b4d114f13bf5e9716492f943b126c8 copyThis week, we get some tips on finding a good balance of cardio in your workout, the impact of your water consumption and the importance of calories. 

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Abu Dhabi Week is bringing you expert columns from trainers at Advantage Sports UAE over the next few weeks to help guide you in your fitness goals. This week, we speak to personal trainer Bernie Bray who helps you understand your cardio needs and how to fuel your body.


Q – Can I do cardio everyday?

Absolutely. Running, or any form or cardio, daily is extremely beneficial to the body. Thirty minutes a day is a good rule of thumb. The only exception is if you have an existing injury, you should not run until you are healed or cleared by a health care professional.

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Q – How much cardio a week should I be doing?

Ideally, you should complete 30 minutes of cardio daily. However, a minimum of 120 minutes per week is an ideal target.


Q – How many calories should I consume per day?

Calorie consumption is specific to gender and weight. In order for you to see your recommended consumptions, you should locate on each food packaging an RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). This is a great guideline to keep track of your personal consumption, or by simply searching ‘My Food Pyramid’ online for all your necessary information.

Q – How much water should I consume per day?

The correct amount is about eight cups daily. However, when exercising we must replenish the fluids more frequently.

Below is a rough guideline for water consumptions while exercising:

One to two hours before workout—drink 15 to 20 ounces
15 minutes before workout—drink between eight and ten ounces
During workout—drink another eight ounces every 15 minutes


Q – Should I take whey protein?

Whey protein is a dietary supplement that is great for muscular building and repair, and adding a healthy amount of protein into your diet.





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