This wash bag makes cleaning your clothes while camping as easy as it is at home

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FOR_STOTYScrubbaAmazonPacking for a camping trip is a catch-22.

You instinctively want to pack enough shirts, socks, and underwear for the duration of your trip, but since you have to carry everything on your back, it’s important to pack lightly.

Mother Nature doesn’t have a full-service laundromat, so until recently you’d either have to spend days in dirty clothes or be stuck with a heavy backpack. 

Enter Scrubba’s revolutionary wash bag, which makes it possible to get a machine wash-like clean anywhere. 

Once you fill it with soap, water, and your dirty clothes, simply knead the bag for a deep clean. The interior has several small scrubbing knobs that are reportedly twice as effective as hand washing.

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Unlike a traditional washing machine, which can take up to 40 minutes to clean a load, the entire process comprises six easy steps and can be completed in three minutes. And once you’re done cleaning, the wash bag folds up into a compact, lightweight pouch so it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your backpack. 


It’s been five years since Scrubba initially launched on IndieGoGo, where it made over $22,000, but the hype surrounding the wash bag has yet to wear off. In addition to being recognized at several trade shows and industry award ceremonies like ISPO Awards, many users agree Scrubba’s wash bag is a total game-changer:

“This is a must-have for folks who like to save money by washing their own clothes when traveling!” one commenter wrote.

“I only wish I had found this product sooner,” another said. 

One more commenter summed it up by simply saying, “[I] would recommend this product for anyone on the go, traveling or camping.” 

Whether you spend a lot of time camping and traveling or are simply looking to save quarters on your laundry, Scrubba’s wash bag could be worth the $50 investment.

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag, $49.85

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